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Crowdstrike | Full-time | SF, Irvine, Seattle, DC, or Remote (US) | www.crowdstrike.com

CrowdStrike (www.crowdstrike.com) is looking to hire a Sr. Software Engineer - Data Services in the Seattle or Irvine area, to help us take our internal automation to the next level. We’re looking for a highly-technical, hands-on Engineer, who loves to work with data plane services like Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka and Hadoop, and is comfortable building self-service APIs and automation around large-scale critical systems. We’ll be looking at candidate CVs with an eye on achievement -- what you’ve accomplished in the past tells us the most about what you can do for us in the future.

This position allows primarily remote work, but strong preference is given to candidates within commuting distance of Kirkland, WA, Sunnyvale, CA and Irvine, CA.


* Maintain a deep understanding of the data components - including Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Zookeeper, Hadoop, and Spark, and use that understanding to operate and automate properly configured clusters.

* Work with Engineering to roll out new products and features. 

* Develop infrastructure services to support the Crowdstrike engineering team’s pursuit of a full devops model.

* Work closely with Engineering and Customer Support to troubleshoot time-sensitive production issues, regardless of when they happen. 

* Keep petabytes of critical business data safe, secure, and available. 

Desired Skills & Experience

* Experience automating maintenance and creation of large scale datastores.

* Experience building, securing and supporting internal service APIs

* Experience with large-scale, business-critical Linux environments 

* High level of proficiency with Python 

* Experience operating within the cloud, preferably Amazon Web Services

* Proven ability to work effectively with both local and remote teams 

* Track record of making great decisions, particularly when it matters most

* Rock solid communication skills, verbal and written

* A combination of confidence and independence... with the prudence to know when to 
ask for help from the rest of the team

* Experience in the information security industry preferred, but not required

* Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field, such as CS, CIS or Engineering

Please email me directly (my HN username)@crowdstrike.com if interested.

I'm having a blast at Crowdstrike and we're getting ready to build out a set of datacenters and boy-howdy, could we use some help!

We have two open positions in my group, and also need 2-3 contractors to help us for a few months to deploy a few data centers and turn up systems and networking.

The two open positions are:

1. Systems/DevOps/Automation Engineer to help us setup systems automation, reliability, scalability, and monitoring. Full Time Permanent - work anywhere.

2. Network Engineer to setup the WAN and public cloud integration with the data centers. Full Time Permanent - work anywhere.

Please send me a note w/ your resume or any questions, or refer me to any folks who might be interested.

If you're semi-retired or have free time and are looking for a fun project to work on for a few weeks or months, this could be a great contracting gig and if you like us maybe you'd want to work with us long term? We'd love to have help w/ data center implementation, circuit delivery, and general linux stuff. We're also looking at bringing on some junior folks, so if you know or can recommend any folks early in their careers, please send them to me!

My email is alan hannan at crowdstrike.com.

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