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Tubular Labs | Full-time | Montreal, QC or Mountain View, CA

We analyze the engagement of 400+ million viewers and track 1.5 billion videos across 30+ platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, AOL, and Yahoo. Our data empowers decision-makers across an organization to refine their video content strategies, partner with influencers, and optimize promotional budgets.

We are using a cutting edge technology stack, working with Python, JavaScript, AngularJS and D3, and integrating ElasticSearch, Spark, Cassandra, and Kafka to name a few. Our people define our business, and we foster innovation to solve exciting challenges in the digital video marketplace.

We are looking for senior engineers for both our frontend and backend teams.

Contact david@tubularlabs.com or apply via our website https://tubularlabs.com/careers/

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