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It's interesting that even your comment is getting down voted. I wonder if it's a millennial thing? It would be interesting to know the ages of the people here commenting on how "harsh" the post seems vs. "yeah that's great."

I read the post as going out of it's way to give praise while pointing out what the company requires (perhaps that is interpreted as patronizing). But many people here are commenting on how rude it is. Bizarre. If you think this is rude, you've never worked in a "tough" environment.

How would people here suggest communicating the same information? Is it just that it might be interpreted as patronizing that's the problem?

Yes, it's extremely patronizing. A better email might be:

"Hey, sorry if that code review seemed a little nitpicky. You did a great job, but we try to be as strict and consistent as possible in our reviews, for everyone's benefit. Here's a link to our style guide, and please let me know if you have any questions. I'll stop by your desk in a little bit to introduce myself and see how you're doing."

You don't need any exclamation points, and you don't need to talk about how unique and amazing your company is. Treat your colleagues like colleagues, not insecure undergrads.

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