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That's really awesome, thanks for the link.

One of my best finds so far would be butler: http://www.petermaurer.de/butler/

It's basically quicksilver but with less obscure configuration dialogs and without the crashes (quicksilver would crash a lot on me).

Is Butler being maintained? Is there a bug tracker? It doesn't look like there's been a release since 2008, but I can't tell because I can't find a dated changelog for the project.

I use Butler to remap Home and End keys to have PC-like behavior. Can't live without it!

Does your mapping work well across most/all applications? I've tried mapping via keybindings file and messed up my account (this is snowlepord)

I had to exclude iTerm (you can exclude apps in Butler), everything else (Firefox, Eclipse, Parallels, TextWrangler, Thunderbird) works fine.

Obviously, Shift-Home and Shift-End should be remapped as well so selection would work.

command + (left|right) arrow would do the same on a mac.

This is exactly what Home and End are remapped to.

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