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pretty cool, a tool I have been using for quite some time that I find incredible useful is http://visor.binaryage.com/ . Not quite the same thing, but still awesome.

hey I'm also working on TotalFinder. in 0.9 I plan to add Terminal+Finder cooperation mode: when you press hotkey you may slide both Visor Terminal down and Visor Finder Up. You may tab between terminal and finder as it would be one app and their views will stay synced. You get the idea ...

Huge visor fan, couldn't live without it. I have a fullscreen terminal a control-tilde away at all times.

Thanks for that link! I hadn't realized the source had forked away from the Blacktree original and now I find I am running a rather old version of visor.

I like that tool too. I could see them being complementary.

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