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Apple Legal Process Guidelines [pdf] (apple.com)
40 points by aburan28 on Apr 27, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

"For an in-person data extraction process, Apple requires that the law enforcement agent bring a FireWire hard drive with a storage capacity of at least two times the memory capacity for the iOS device."

FireWire hard drive? In 2016?

That's brilliant. Have fun with that FBI.

They just love to fuck with them :-)

Ugh. I’m disappointed that they’re referring to storage capacity as “memory capacity”, perpetuating the pervasive confusion amongst non-technical users.

Really insightful as it details exactly what they record and don't for each product and what they can extract if needed. All in plain English.

The world really needs user friendly end-to-end encrypted email.

Could someone point me to what is the state of the art on solving that problem?

I guess you are searching for this:


Well, thanks, that must be the best guide I've seen on how to use GnuPG.

But I'm talking about something that is usable to the lowest common denominator computer user.

I understand that in that scenario you will have to give away some security in the form of trust in some software to gain convenience.

Was just wondering what the most promising solutions to this seem to be?

There are no promising solutions to this problem. Email is always going to be hazardous.

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