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"Fastest Growing Platform"

Does this refer to growth in number of users or in number of modules? Or maybe just counting the number of lines of code?

It makes me feel a little ill to think of all the new-ish devs jumping on the Node train, thinking it's the Next Big Thing in server code. It's a cool technology, and incredibly easy to get into, but then the curve gets so very steep as you try to make it behave like any of the robust and fundamentally sound language/framework app development ecosystems.

If I could offer any advice to anyone who is relatively new to all this, I would say choose anything else: Ruby/Rails, PHP/Symfony, Python/Django, Java/Spring, C#/.NET, whatever. You'll be doing yourself a favor. Learn how to do things correctly, in an tech stack that actually exists and works properly and makes sense, then see where things stand for JS on the server in a couple years. The bad habits, mistaken assumptions, and rampant misinformation being spread in the JS world these days is just amazing.

"Choose anything else" sounds like some FUD to me. I'm not an expert with all the technologies you mentioned but I feel like Meteor has just recently truly come into its own and I would pick it over Rails, Django, or anything PHP any day.

I think another factor is the level of conservatism of the programmer in question: would you rather work on stable but somewhat boring platforms at a large enterprise, or do you want to be on that new-new at a hip startup? (These options obviously exist on a spectrum.)

If you want to be in the fastest-moving, most exciting ecosystem around, it seems to me that JS is the train you want to be on.

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