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We have to make it possible for everyone to live ok lives, even without having a job. We are rich enough. We didn’t get any poorer as a whole. We should be able to afford that.

It already is possible. The poor in the USA right now have a standard of living greater than the middle class of 1970, but tend to work less than 800 hours/family/year.


(My comment was written from a German vantage point where the unemployed have to jump through tons of degrading hoops and everything is set up in a way which expects them to pick up work again sooner or later. I don’t know much about social security in the US, so I won’t comment on that.)

That partisan think-tank study is pretty laughable. Since when is quality of life judged by appliance ownership? I don't have healthcare, a proper education, job skills, and my neighborhood is dangerous but hey at least I've got AC and this wonderful color TV!

Job skills and education are a means to obtaining a good quality of life. The lack of them does not indicate a poor quality of life.

Quality of life is having desired goods and services, which the study indicates the poor have.

Regarding health care, do you wish to assert that health care available to the poor today is worse than health care available to the middle class in 1970?

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