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SSHing my servers with my iPhone over LTE with Prompt w/o Mosh.

Same low latency as on desktop over WiFi, perfectly fine, light code editing in Vim is butter smooth. And if connection breaks I just get back to my tmux session. So, can anybody tell what I miss?

Speed and responsiveness. Mosh renders on the server sending only changes, so a Ctrl+C or a dump like dmesg is crazy fast. Prediction makes a server in a different country behave as if you were there. Also, although you mentioned the connection breaking, this happens in iOS a lot and ends up being a pain, having to tap the server again and again.

With Blink, which is Mosh for iOS (I'm the developer @BlinkShell https://twitter.com/BlinkShell), you also get full keyboard support, with Caps as Ctrl, Alt as Meta, or any other combo you want to have. And a great terminal with full configuration of color themes, fonts, etc. beyond the standard included with the app. Everything a real terminal should have.

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