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Mosh is great, but I kind of stopped using it once I discovered Tmux so I could resume a session if the connection dropped.

It's not that Mosh does anything wrong, but SSH has more features, and is supported by basically everything ever. Consequently, I stick with old-school SSH.

tmux complements mosh, it doesn't quite replace it. For me, the whole point is that you don't have to "resume a session", it just happens.

On my laptop I have a mosh session open to my remote shell basically all the time. In situations with spotty net access, it's actually a pretty reliable "canary" that indicates whether I have any access at all.

This. Here's a handy zsh alias that I use:

    alias tmosh='() {mosh $* -- sh -c "tmux a || tmux"}'
so I can mosh into any of my ssh aliases and resume my tmux session seamlessly

I didn't mean to imply it "replaced" it as much as "it can accomplish what I need to".

I occasionally use it when I have spotty internet connection, since it allows me to type commands or edit files with no latency. I still rely on tmux/screen for cases when I need to re-connect to a dropped connection.

well, i've been using mosh for two(?) years and it's not perfect.

>lost sessions cannot always be resumed, not even root can force that. >you can't scroll the terminal unless you use screen inside mosh >can't use mosh from the university network because UDP ports are filtered >can't autocomplete hosts in the config (ssh can do that)

but i still use it and would miss it very much, the whole experience is much smoother using mosh and bad connections are more bearable with it

can't autocomplete hosts in the config (ssh can do that)

If you mean writing "ssh <tab>" and having it auto-complete, that's a feature of the shell (usually with some "plugin" to add support for that particular command). They added support for Bash in 2012 [1], what OS and shell are you using?

[1] https://github.com/mobile-shell/mosh/issues/248

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