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Termux[0], the best Android terminal emulator (in my humble opinion), recently had mosh added to its' package repository.

I currently use it and it's very nice. It makes me long for a better handheld though (my 4" Moto G screen is difficult to type on, even with Hacker's Keyboard).

I can have tmux sessions running on servers with say, an irc client running, mosh in, chat away for a bit, turn it off, the irc client continues running. Perfect. Same for e-mail using mutt, notes that are backed up on the server automatically using vim, etc etc. Really nice workflow.

Give me a handheld device with ssh/mosh support and I'm happy. :)

[0] https://termux.com https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux

I'm running Termux on a Pixel C and I love it. With the keyboard and all it's the Linux experience i wan't on the go. Local compiling works real nice for Go applications and smaller C++ and C stuff. Or Node.JS, Python and whatnot.

It's also available from F-Droid, though i recently became aware, that somehow I only had the ARM version and not AArch64, so keep that in mind. And it also works flawlessly on N.

Termux got me Emacs (that works, a very current version, and a lot more) on my Android phone. It's really nice, especially with a Bluetooth keyboard.

With Termux, you can ssh into your Android device over Wifi. If there is no Wifi available, you could use your Android device as a Wifi hotspot, connect to it and SSH (you could even use mosh, as others comment that it can be installed in Termux) into your device.

I do not know if you can SSH into your device if connected through bluetooth.

Have you tried JuiceSSH by any chance?

Curious how the two compare.

Termux is a bit of a different concept to JuiceSSH. Termux is just 100% terminal, you can install packages through apt in the command line, use standard Linux utils from your phone and on the local file system. It has no GUI.

Personally I like JuiceSSH because it has a nice simple UI for setting up and saving SSH connections. I like the extra buttons for things like ctrl/home/etc.

I'd definitely want something like Termux if I was using Android on a device with a keyboard, but for the sort of things I use a terminal/SSH for on my phone, I prefer something like JuiceSSH. Shame it's not open source though.

On topic, JuiceSSH also supports Mosh out of the box.

Another commentor expressed it, but JuiceSSH is proprietary. In most cases open source is more of a preference for me than a necessity, but I may need to sudo or access root over SSH, and there's no way to review closed source code. JuiceSSH (IMHO) has too much control over my computer for me to use it based on the assumption that I fully can trust the developer.

Agree. Really wish mosh support would be merged into standard ConnectBot. The linked build on the mosh site is hacked into an old version of an old ConnectBot fork.

Proprietary app, so it's a no-go.

I haven't tried JuiceSSH, I use CM and only have F-Droid installed (not play store). Most of the reason I use termux is to get away from proprietary apps (I can run all free software on a server and SSH into that).

Sorry that I couldn't be of more help!

Juicessh has implemented mosh but stops just a bit too soon.

it would be great if they could support suspending a mosh connection so that you can have a resumable connection without having to have the radio on all the time.

Seconded. I'm reasonably satisfied with JuiceSSH for light sysadmining.

Know of anything similar which supports android gingerbread? I'm using JuiceSSH now but I would love something with package management features like this.

Gingerbread is 6 major releases old, and the Android SDK has evolved significantly since then. You may want to consider using a different device.

Not sure about package management, but JuiceSSH supports mosh out of the box. I've used it before and it was awesome.

Why not root the phone and install something newer than gingerbread?

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