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I use mosh daily and love it. It's great for moving around the office and maintaining a connection - no accidental hups, no real need to use screen or nohup.

My one beef with it is that it effectively defeats my terminal emulator's scroll bar. Need to scroll back the output? Nope. You have to use less or more profusely.

My solution to that is to run mosh on top of screen. tmux would also work.

Is mosh on top of screen or is screen on top of mosh? Serious question, since I share parent's love of mosh and frustration with the lack of scrollback.

Mosh to the server, then run screen/tmux there. You'll have to use the scroll features of screen/tmux. Running your stuff inside of screen/tmux is useful in any case.

As mentioned on the website, you can even attach to the screen directly from the mosh command:

    mosh pello -- screen -dr

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