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"Why use this instead of GNU screen?"

The low latency features really set this one apart. The smart local echo (it underlines unconfirmed predictions) make it much nicer to use over laggy mobile networks.

I would say they're mostly orthogonal. I use mosh and screen.

Exactly. Mosh for instantly resuming my connection, screen for resuming my sessions (and adding scrollback and such)

That sounds like a scenario for long-form work over a mobile network (eg. on a laptop through a mobile hotspot).

Mosh from a laptop is a no-go for me because there's no Windows-based, full-featured terminal emulator (saved sessions, auth agents, etc) that supports mosh.

I can second the suggestion of MobaXterm. I am using it quite a bit, and their support has been fairly responsive to questions. Not open source, but still seems like a good product.

have you tried Mobaxterm for this? I've not used its mosh support but like it as a general SSH client...

I'm embarassed to say I haven't even heard of MobaXterm. This is going on my remote-work rig tonight.

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