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Nice. But shouldn't we be having open standards for such a basic part of our infrastructures?

I also want this feature, and I like open stuff, so I wrote SyncthingFUSE[0]! It's primitive right now, but works for me at the moment.

Bazil[1] has similar goals, but wasn't ready enough for me.

I do very much like sibling /u/pritambaral's suggestion of OwnCloud support. I tried OwnCloud briefly in the past, but ended up switching away. A feature like this might get me to try it again and stay.

[0]: https://github.com/burkemw3/syncthingfuse [1]: https://bazil.org/

I have been watching the bazil project for a while - it's exactly the system I want. Still very alpha right now, so I don't (and one shouldn't) trust it with irreplaceable data.

Yes, I'd like to see OwnCloud develop something like this. At least that way, I'd be able to use it on my system; even if OwnCloud themselves don't build it for Linux, I'd be able to make my own on contribute it, unlike with Dropbox.

No, because everyone knows you can't build a profitable startup around open standards that just work for everyone without being tied to your network as an identifiable user.

Yes, because everyone knows it would be amazing to have this kind of functionality just work for everyone, regardless of their personal OS and technology/device choices.

Does Git-Annex support anything like this?

Yes. Checkout git-annex assistant if you want folder icons and GUIs and such.

A couple days ago I contributed https://github.com/DanielDent/git-annex-remote-rclone to git-annex, so in theory you could use Dropbox as a backend for git-annex if you wanted to (I haven't personally tried it with Dropbox).

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