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If any of the dropbox product managers are following - I would REALLY appreciate this in the individual paid version as well.

Given a laptop with an SSD<1TB , I still want to be able to make use of the 1TB I'm paying for. Its currently possible by letting an entire folder upload to DB, and then unsyncing it. It stays on DB, but gets removed from the local drive.

I would love to be able to see those unsynced folders locally, with the same cloud icon announced here.

+1 – I use Dropbox for things like photos and music which are massive in total but where I rarely access more than a percentage or two on my laptop. It would be really useful to have my entire storage pool accessible without having to round-trip through the selective sync settings each time.

+2 - I feel like this is a (potentially intentional) blind spot for Dropbox and its ilk. I'm paying for 1 TB because I need that capacity, for my photo library, music, etc. - and I want to pay dropbox to make this work well with small fast SSDs. While there's various tricks you can employ to get this working, they're all a pain in one way or another.

"A user who wants to back up and sync lots of media, and selectively offload it onto cloud storage to save local disk space" is probably not such a rare animal. And if I'm not feeling charitable, I would guess that this isn't explicitly supported because if it was, many more Dropbox users would start eating a lot more of their quota than they currently do.

Yeah, I use camera sync to backup my phone's pictures but it's too much for my small SSD in my laptop. I have to periodically move files from "Camera Uploads" to "Camera Uploads Archive" (which is setup to not sync to my laptop) but to do that I have to be on a machine that can hold all of that (which luckily I have one but still it's a huge PITA. I've ALWAYS wanted dropbox to work the way outlined in Project Infinite and I'll be really disappointed if it doesn't come to personal as well. Seems like it would be pretty stupid not to as it's just a client change and it's not like it really costs them anymore AFAICT.

Huh, I use Dropbox for a lot of photos as well. That makes me wonder how Project Infinite would handle thumbnails.

Ditto - in particular, I'm curious whether it has any concept of partial staging so e.g. enough of a RAW file could be downloaded to display an embedded thumbnail but the transfer would halt at the next block if the file handle was closed

Currently paying for Pro right now. Really hoping this feature isn't Business only. I would love to have this feature as well.

Same here. In fact, I think it would be a bit insulting to paying customers, who don't require a business plan.

Wait what, it's going to be for businesses only? That would be kind of silly...

Not silly if you want to push people to a more expensive Business plan.

Dropbox Pro is $10/month. A business plan is $75/month minimum. That's a pretty steep price increase.

What about folks who don't operate a business? + 1 for individual account access.

I don't disagree with you, just explaining why they might segment that feature into a higher cost plan. Make dat $$$.

Yes. I'm using the paid version and would absolutely love this feature.

+1 This feature would be incredibly helpful for photographers / videographers and would be much more convenient for pseudo-cold storage than glacier, etc.

+1 for this! It'd be very handy for me as well as a paying personal account. E.g. as in useful enough that I f any competitors bring this out I'd be switching to them. Hope Dropbox keeps us happy pro users.

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