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At first I thought "Well, Dropbox storage is 5x as expensive as hard drive space, so what's the point?". What I didn't see was the team use case: It's actually brilliant to have access to every document of all of my colleagues at all times, without saving all that stuff locally, or taking forever sync. This is really amazing.

The problem with our current shared team folders is that you need to make a deliberate effort to share something with the team. That means when you want to pull information from the shared space, you're very likely to get an outdated copy. Thanks to 1.) no storage constraints and 2.) deep OS-integration, all files can actually be always up-to-date with Dropbox Infinite. That really sounds cool.

> ..or taking forever sync. This is really amazing.

I don't think this solves the problem of taking forever to sync. Nothing has changed there. You are still bound by the same data retrieval and network latencies to get the file stored in a datacenter somewhere to you. That one is a harder problem to crack because it needs a lot of infra investment in expanding your content delivery footprint and replace SSD's with something much faster, like flash.

This solves an important aspect of the sync problem -- the ability to selectively sync individual files without having to sync the whole directory that it is part of (or even to have to know what the directory is in advance).

Dropbox has actually had Selective Sync for years. The whole part about the metadata being cached locally and a seamless experience at file system level is new though.


Selective sync, at least in the version of Dropbox that I use, is restricted to the folder level.

It's rather basic though - you can only select/unselect folders within your fixed, root Dropbox folder.

The version I have also allows you to navigate the folder hierarchy and select any nested folder.

Yes... any folder as long as it's in the hierarchy of the Dropbox folder?

For people working in an office, you could have a spare machine with a full copy of the whole Dropbox; then LAN sync makes updating a lot faster.

I already do this because I have to change my selective sync set quite often.

Dropbox storage is 5x as expensive as hard drive space, so what's the point?

Yes and no. I have about 80 GB in my dropbox. This is no problem on my two workstations or my big laptop. Unfortunately my Macbook Air has a 128 GB drive. That means I keep having to exclude and include folders to be synced to my laptop or it will run out of space. That is a pain in the ass I would love to avoid.

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