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Is it not notable how, among all of these examples and thought processes, not a single word was lost on the value provided to the totality of customers, in addition to how much is monetizable?

Obviously the ability to pay quality journalists is a valuable cause, but it irks me that retaining a large percentage of customers/consumers, and the corresponding potential to make much more of a difference in the world, isn't also considered a mention-worthy aim in itself.

Got the opportunity to cure diseases but decides to play mind games for fun instead? In a position to bring awesome tech to the masses but prefers to market it as luxury item to a limited audience? Making lots of profits already but spends serious effort to drive the competitor out of business to earn even more as monopolist? ...good for you, "disruptor".

Journalists .. corresponding potential to make much more of a difference in the world

There very definitely is a market in this - the market for newspapers. Buying a newspaper as a proprietor is a fairly cost-effective way of getting a society to replicate your prejudices; you can get a huge amount of influence for a mere few tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

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