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Automation is driving humans out of jobs. Driverless trucks will layoff 1%+ of the US population, because driverless trucks are far more economical. The general trend is profits go up and employment goes down.

What to do with such an economy? Basic income. Tax the profits and give everyone sufficient income to pay for the basic necessities. That's one of the conclusions of the 2011 book Race Against The Machine, by two MIT professors.

I'm a big fan of Alan Watts' "Money, Guilt, and the Machine" [0] as are many people here. It's most poignant point IMHO is that we're screwed until we can separate money and morality. As we move towards more political extremes here in the US, that's going to be near impossible.

So we can either separate money from morality, or suffer greatly as jobs - especially blue collar jobs - are automated away.

Alas I fear there will be great suffering...

[0] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ssDY74nLuLg

I just listened to "Money, Guilt, and the Machine." I don't understand what you mean "separating money and morality." Can you explain?

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