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We had to do this the old fashioned way with my current team: One person gets in the door at the new company, talks up the abilities of the old team members and how they would slot in nicely with new company's needs and gets another person in, then another until the old team is fully reunited in the new company. We've been a very effective unit once we removed the road blocks in the new company!

So exactly like immigration to a new country. Interesting. But given the short expected tenure of an average employee these days, I wonder how many are willing to wait for this long pipeline to complete. Getting hired all at once could mean working together for three years starting today rather than starting in a year or two, when attrition is already ripe to occur at the new company.

I call this "getting the band back together," and is a thing that does not always endear you to your coworkers.

Yeah, we slowly "outlasted" the coworkers and now it's just us over here. Management is happy, we're happy, old coworkers have jobs elsewhere. Side note: we only brought the good parts of the "gang" over, left the deadweight behind.

Something like this happened with Rackspace cloud management about 6 years back.. :|

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