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To whomever at Stripe: is this only for on-site teams, or are you open to remote teams?

We're open to remote or distributed teams within the US and Canada. All else being equal, we'd prefer to hire people in SF, but for a sufficiently great team, being elsewhere wouldn't be a showstopper. We're conscious of not wanting to miss out on the diverse, talented set of people that happen to be outside of the bay area.

(I may be biased here: I work for Stripe from a small community off the Canadian coast).

I have a mostly US based team that might be interested but we have one employee in Mexico. Would that be a disqualifier? We'd be willing to transfer the infrastructure for that (foreign subsidiary and payroll and all that which is already in place.)

You should apply anyway and describe your situation! Supporting additional countries is challenging from several angles (payroll, international tax structure, compliance, etc), but we can talk through your particular situation individually.

> from a small community off the Canadian coast


That was awkwardly phrased, I guess. I live in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia.

Whew. Almost blew the cover of your seasteading community there for a moment.

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