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This is the one aspect in which Amazon absolutely sucks.

Do you want Prime? No thanks.



For EVERY purchase!

Humongous button saying "yes", not even a button, just a discrete link that lets me sheepishly say "not right now".

NO! I do not want prime! EVER! It's hugely expensive, I have patience with my shipping, and I'm completely disinterested in your streaming service.

… and then they change the layout. Now the options are "yes", "yes", and "maybe later".

Yes. After being an amazon customer for maybe 15 years I finally accidentally clicked one of the "yes" buttons. The new one. I just clicked "whatever is not the yes button", but they added a second one.

To their credit, it was pretty easy to say "don't renew after free trial ends".

It's obnoxious how much they try to push their customers into Prime. I too have been using Amazon regularly for over a decade, they're already getting my money. I understand this kind of push it's some free-to-play app, but I already pay Amazon every time I order.

Ultimately it may become a requirement. You have to have a membership for many stores now (Sam's Club, Costco and so on). Amazon is very similar to these; I'm betting they will go Prime-only in a year or two.

I don't think they have enough power to dictate that kind of deal on the Internet.

It's too easy for merchants to re-organize around another platform if needed. Amazon wouldn't lose all customers to that service, but they would no longer be the only place that one buys stuff, which is pretty close to what they are now.

Going membership-only would simply leave too much money on the table for it to not be picked up by others.

Ebay I think would be ready to pick up the slack, if nobody else.

And I will bet a shiny nickel that shortly after that most of the shipping benefits will go away.

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