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Reader Mode in browsers is increasingly useful for this kind of crap.

I'll add that the flipside is that publushers need revenues. I'm aware micropayments are making another go of it (David Brin is publishing an article shortly which I reviewed in draft). My thought is that that's actually the weong way to go and that what we need is superbundling, including possibly at the government level (an income-indexed content tax). Some asskicking in browser and web space to too shake out the cruft.

More and more websites block those though. I'm using some HN app on iphone a lot, and for articles from the New York Times and such, all you get is a summary and a 'read more' link, which gives you a page covered halfway with the (obligatory EU) cookie thing (every time) and with a 'subscribe now' banner.

Firefox/Android with Self-Destructing Cookies -- not a problem.

I may have to manually add "about:reader?url=" to the head of the navigation line. I'm taking to doing that by default.

A small number of sites revert to the default page, but few. NY Times isn't among them.

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