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This title seems a bit off. Mentioning the hosting provider like this almost implies the leak is the fault of AWS, which to me feels like blaming Lexmark for someone printing sensitive info and then leaving it in the printer for others to find it.

This happened the same time a while ago -- at the time it was a misconfigured S3 bucket but the title was worded in a way that AWS to blame.

This seems to be a misconfigured MongoDB server hosted in AWS but details are scarce.

Personally, with the vast swaths of PII data being leaked, I am interested in whether there is a global database of these people yet. Not for nefarious purposes, mind you, but for global legal representation not limited to voting.

> misconfigured..

> MongoDB server..

unheard of

It's not misconfigured, this is how mongo is intended to work.

It's misconfigured in that you can reach the host at all.

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