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sigh This is a perfect example of a title that should not have been changed. The original was objectively better than the current one. If you don't already know what rel=noopener is, you'd have no reason at all to click through on this. But the earlier title actually explained something about the content on the other end of the link.

HN submissions are kind of like startups. Often you have to break the rules to get off the ground. But once you have some lift, it's time to become boring and straighten out.

I have no idea what this submission is about. Why would I want rel=noopener?

The original title (and the point of the article) was about the security problems target=_blank has.

You want rel=noopener because the page it navigates to can't affect the content of the opening page.

It would be helpful if you stated what the original title actually was, especially now that you have the top-level post!

It was something like "TIL: target=_blank is harmful"



Oh yeah, I think you're right. Anyway, it was something along those lines.

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