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Simply allowing more density would be a greener plan: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/20/11467110/san-francisco-solar-de...

Even the most progressive cities will not go after the big progressive wins, preferring token measures. Hence, huge advertising campaigns promoting earth hour, but never ever ever in a million years will they touch the gas tax or increase allowable density or stop subsidizing parking.

Paul Krugman once called elevators "the most efficient mass-transit system ever designed."

That was my immediate thought as well. Just one of the many things which makes HK my favorite city in the world.

And when the power goes out for a few days, and Grandma needs to walk her dog from 60 floors up?

This is very true, he's still an idiot though.

Scott Wiener, the Supervisor who introduced the bill, also is far more in favor of density than many of the other supes. It's a harder sell here.

Politics is more about greenwashing, because a "worse" but popular plan that actually gets enacted is more useful than a "better" but controversial plan that gets stuck in red tape.

Yes, but they aren't mutually exclusive.

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