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It's funny that they say people use Tor "for a variety of reasons related to privacy, security and safety". They left out "firewall circumvention", which I have to believe is the #1 reason, at least in China.

Unfortunately, it's been a very, very long time since Tor was last usable in China.

With the meek-amazon or meek-azure bridges it works fine, albeit slowly.

Can you elaborate? Someone above commented that Tor was the only way they were able to get out of the GFW.

China uses fairly complex artificial intelligence to detect TOR connections. Anything that "behaves like" TOR or a VPN is quickly caught on to and blocked.

There are a few attempts designed to make TOR look more like standard web traffic, which are really interesting.

It's definitely a cat-and-mouse-style game. Some have more success than others.

I heard that internally, China has a very robust internet infrastructure, and it is just connecting to things on the outside that are broken

"Broken" would suggest that this isn't intentional. But yes, you are correct; domestic internet is fine, but traffic in/out is slowed and interfered with nearly to the point of being unusable.

Last year I was at some public school which filtered many thing with a proxy. I used TOR to be able to slack on reddit and hackernews.

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