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> but you still have to wonder if there isn't an immunotherapy treatment that would work for him.

In the context of this article, no, I don't have to wonder. He expresses very well why he doesn't want to entertain such longshots.

Anecdotal, but my cousin was stage 4 skin and throat cancer (2 separate origin cancers), tumor ridden, on the way out. His doctor somehow got him in on a clincial trial (immunotherapy) at the Dana Farber cancer institute in Boston, MA.

That point-blank saved his life. The cancer was gone within 4 months; he's been cancer free for 5 years. His younger brother was not so lucky, lung cancer (heavy smoker), he didn't last long after diagnosis.

Anyway, the OP isn't looking for miracles, he's preparing for his departure, in a beautiful and dignified manner -- totally respect the choice, but longshots are not the same odds they used to be wrt to cancer treatments, even stage 4.

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