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I didn't know Pieter before today. He's one of the coolest people I've had the good fortune of coming across:

> My first free software is from 1991. I realized the power of community gradually from 2005 when fighting software patents in Europe. I refined and tested the techniques in the ffii for projects like digistan. I saw the failure of money and power in amqp. In zeromq it took years to find the right patterns. I documented much in culture and empire.

This earned my respect beyond words:

> "There's this experimental cure people are talking about." This gets the ban hammer from me, and happily I only got a few of those. Even if there was a miracle cure, the cost and stress (to others) of seeking it is such a selfish and disproportionate act. With, as we know, lottery-style chances of success. We live, we die.

And this is just awesome: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11521249

"I'm sorry to hear this, Pieter. I don't have a question, but would just like to wish you well"

> Excellent question! (can you tell I'm bored in a hospital)? Well, it all started when I was about three, and I discovered ants. Fire ants, to be specific. Biting me all over cause I'd chosen to hide right on top of their nest. There's a lesson there.

Thanks, Pieter. For everything!


If you'd like to thank Pieter more directly, he's accepting Paypal donations at ph@imatix.com.

> Well this is really kind. Yes, I'm pretty broke and have three young children who will be semi orphans. Cue violins. Happy to receive on PayPal at ph@imatix.com. I will give my family the keys to that so they can put it aside for ma wee bairns... Thanks for suggesting this.

And do yourself a favour and buy his highly insightful and all-around great-to-read books:


He gives his books for free, so I can't imagine what buying would do for him (as I presume the paid sum is just the price asked by publishers for their service/channel). If you wish to support him you can do it more directly.

I get a decent chunk of the sale price in fact, as I'm my own publisher. Some people like paper books, some like ebooks, some like PDFs.

I agree with some of these. Further, I found the stuff people said about him in the parent comments even more fun to read. Just goes to show how powerful his work is and how thoughtful is his style.


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