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This is the most altruistic, caring piece of communicating I have ever read.

I don't know this man, but I love him. I will remember this to my own demise.

I will look for a political group that is for a humane way of dying, and ask what needs to be done.

My father died in extreme pain. For three days he was in hell. His last words he spoke to me, "when will it end?". I didn't have an answer. My father's death kinda ruined my life. Even though we had our differences; every day since that day in January, 11 years ago, I think about how he suffered, and part of me died with him.

It's easy to love a person who will never turn up on your doorstep with a dog and a bottle of whiskey and ask to sleep on your couch for a week. :)

I think euthanasia rights are worth fighting for. People will argue that it's a "death panel". Show them my article.

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