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For those that haven't seen the slideset: http://www.alexstjohn.com/WP/download/Recruiting%20Giants.pd...

Also, a discussion on reddit from yesterday: https://www.reddit.com/r/recruitinghell/comments/4faadv/prog...

At some point, I thought it had to be a parody, but apparently people like Alex St. John exist and actually believe what they say. This has to be some of the most vile stuff I've read coming from an industry veteran in a while.

Oh,it gets worse:

http://www.alexstjohn.com/WP/2016/04/17/wage-slaves/ - he doubles down.

http://www.alexstjohn.com/WP/2016/04/18/recruiting-giants-2/ - He triples down.

http://www.alexstjohn.com/WP/2016/04/21/i-apologize/ - he makes sure he insults EVERYONE he can think of.

Personally, I really enjoyed the read - it is very different to my personal experience, and fascinating to me.

It is scary stuff, but I'm not really sure what I disagree with - or more accurately CAN disagree with. By that I mean that I have (would?) never work as a games dev, I have no frame of reference for how hard they work, so how can I really criticise anyone that has actually done it based on my very different experience? For all I know, it really does require the sorts of herculean effort he describes, and while it is as bad as he claims, maybe, just maybe, that is the only way to make games dev possible?

Wow, he sounds like the Donald Trump of tech recruiting. To be fair, there are some gems in that presentation. I especially liked the use of "giants" to refer to "10x engineers" and "Asperger's engineer (usually found on open source forums)" was a good one too.

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