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This is our tax money down the drain by scaring us to death for fear of non-existent terrorist threat. It is remarkable how such FBI directors don't get fired from their job.

I'm not entirely sure how you can call 14 deaths "non-existent".

14 deaths out of 300 million people is close enough to zero that it's not worth thinking about.

Yes, I completely agree that terrorism is something that people shouldn't worry about. However that doesn't mean you shouldn't investigate the murders, just like you would any other murder.

You appear to be saying that 14 murders is something that shouldn't be investigated properly.

Law enforcement has limited resources and hence they should spend based on what they have. I feel they are spending too much of our money.

14 deaths for 300 million is non existent if you understand statistics. More people commit suicide each year and even more people die each year because FDA takes too long to approve new medicines.

not sure how cracking encryption will "un-kill" even one of those people.

Who said it will? It's to prevent it happening again.

What? The government pwning some terrorists iPhone will prevent terrorist attacks from happening again? How? I'm completely gobsmacked at the line of reasoning here.

The reasoning is that there may be new information that helps identify conspirators or abettors. We all know the chances of finding smoking-gun type evidence on that phone was slim, but that doesn't mean you ignore possible leads when attempting to piece together how a crime was committed. Just because the shooter didn't intend to leave any evidence on the company-issued phone, doesn't mean that there wouldn't have been meaningful data on there that would advance the investigation and generate valuable leads. Think GPS info, or items that complete a timeline, etc.

Here's an example. Suppose they uncovered GPS info from the phone that showed that the shooter visited a particular location frequently in the days leading up to the attack. FBI checks that location out, and discovers that it is implicated in another ongoing investigation for money laundering. The other investigation wasn't tied to terrorism, but this thread creates a link and enables another source of support to be found and squashed.

My example is just an illustration of one of many possible ways the data on the phone could advance the case. It's absolutely worth pursuing.

To be clear, I'm 100% opposed to any attempts at government backdoors, and I sided with Apple when they refused the FBI's request initially, but that doesn't mean the Bureau should just shrug their shoulders and not do their job.

All the data you mentioned was already vacuumed up, "ingested" through the NSA's illegal surveillance dragnet....you know - the one for "fighting terrorism" ?

I thought that's what all the illegal mass-surveillance was for ?

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