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From some sources, I've heard that it appears that those with AMD graphics will suffer a downgrade in performance until the point release in June. I think by June, the open source AMD drivers should be up to speed or have the same features as the previous flgrx ones. From what I gather it's more like a downgrade in supported features.

I think this is just an issue if you are doing 3D graphics work or gaming.

Most people with AMD graphics have been using the open source drivers and will just see all around improvements.

edit: Also, you can get Vulkan with the new drivers.

This very much depends upon whether you want the latest OpenGL 4.x features or not. Compute shaders, etc. Most people won't notice, but if you want to develop or use applications using these features, the open drivers aren't yet up to par, so for these cases it is indeed a major downgrade.

Only temporarily. The closed source ones are legacy now, afaik. I believe AMD has said they want to only use open source drivers with closed source plugins; i.e. hybrid drivers.

Anyone know if it's going to be the same on Windows? Open source with proprietary plugins?

So to be more accurate, its more developing with these graphics functions, rather than gaming? games developing vs games playing.

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