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How did you build it? Aside from using bootstrap itself, did you use any kind of tool for the docs? I really dig the style! :D

Thanks. I'm using Jekyll to generate my whole website, including the cheat sheet. So it's pretty much a DIY project on top of Jekyll, using jQuery on the front-end to move DOM elements around.

That's pretty cool. So for a new minor version of Bootstrap, you don't have to change any code?

Last night I stumbled upon the most interesting comment about static sites from an engineer at Netflix:

> When I was heading up reliability at Netflix, we considered, and even began evaluating, turing the whole thing into one big static site. Each user had a custom listing, but generating 60+ million static sites is a very parallelizeable problem.

> At the time, the recommendations only updated once a day, but an active user would have to dynamically load that content repeatedly, and at the same time, the recs were getting updated for users who hadn't visited that day. By switching to static, we could generate a new static site for you every time you watched something (which could change your recommendations), and increase reliability at the same time, so it would have been a much better customer experience. Unfortunately we couldn't get enough of the frontend engineers to buy into the idea to get it off the ground, and also they were already well along the path to having a data pipeline fast enough to update recs in real time.

from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10491873

Ok, thanks! I'll poke around the source and see which template you are using. If it's not open source, do you mind releasing it? We could work together and build a little template for documentation. It's too lovely to pass up. :)

I've answered a similar question [here](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11542647). I'll consider release it at some point, but currently it's not open sourced. I'm flattered that you're interested in my source code though!

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