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> Online searches in the dash are now disabled by default [1]

A welcome and saner default. I'm thinking of moving back to Ubuntu from LinuxMint (I was thinking of Arch as well but not too confident of being on the bleeding edge).

[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes

As someone who has used Arch for 4 years, the bleeding edge got boring. I haven't had a major breakage in at least a year, probably longer, unless you count KDE 4 -> 5 being a breakage - one any 14.04 to 16.04 upgrader will also have to contend with.

The last major show stopper I can recall was when Arch dropped security hooks from the kernel and I had to get rid of my MAC.

Besides the default online dash searches pre-Xenial, do you mind sharing what other changes are allowing you to consider moving back?

All my experiences running mint have amounted to a broken and out of date distribution which has poor hardware support. I hope it has become better wince those days (i believe it was the initial release of MATE) but I see no reason to use mint when you know enough about a Debian based distro to pick and choose what you really want.

I never moved to mint, but I did recommend trying it to some people who really didn't like unity. I pretty much stopped doing that when they had the security issues last year. Is that what is prompting you to look at switching back, or are you just more reconciled to unity in general now?

That is one and I read online (can't find the source now) that Mint development doesn't respect compatibility/play well with other open source developers. I don't know how much of it is true but for me, compatibility is important. For almost 5-6 years, I have never formatted my home directory. So if my distribution is, for example, creating config in a non-compatible fashion, I won't be able to move to another distro. I know that typically distros don't modify individual program's dotfile/config etc but I guess I'm a bit paranoid about it.

If one wants Ubuntu and GNOME, there's


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