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As a person who doesn't understand a single thing about front-end, I really appreciate the existence of bootstrap, especially when I need to just put an OK looking dashboard together...

PS: for the sake of sharing http://bootswatch.com/

As a person who works in manufacturing, and only develops internal and B2B applications to automate processes, I'm right there with you.

Designers who shit on everything looking like Bootstrap should read these two comments.

Agreed. The measure of usefulness is a signal of great thought, research and design thinking. Thankfully @mdo, did his homework and for that I commend him.

Exactly. As a Django dev if all someone needs is a Wordpress site, I would recommend that to them (rather than try to recreate it from scratch). No point in reinventing the wheel. Can't designers have the same sort of objectivity?

I think this is the crux of people's issues with bootstrap -- it SHOULD be used by non-designers for things like dashboards and internal apps. But the poo-pooing comes when actual designers use it to be lazy and not actually design anything specific to the site's purpose.

So basically not issues with Bootstrap, but an avenue for people on the internet to feel superior to a group that I'm not even all that convinced exists in any real quantity.

The problem with Clojure is those developers that just copy and paste code off Stack Overflow. Clojure is just so darn composable that it probably really causes problems for people out there with those copy-cats on the loose!

My comment definitely didn't come off with my intended attitude. I am not looking down on anyone, and I think bootstrap's success speaks for itself.

Just observing what I see -- that nobody is making fun of people who use bootstrap for a dashboard interface or an app, rather the complaints against bootstrap I think revolve around seeing it used for marketing / informational / portfolio sites all over the place, thus resulting in a company or organization or person not really having a site designed with their own brand/personality/messaging in mind.

Don't understand why you're being downvoted. Good design for Company X does not necessarily reflect with what great design means for Bootstrap (I say this as a guy who almost never gets anything designed anymore). But it's a matter of budget reality for most people and companies that - it's really expensive to have competent developers AND competent designers for fledgling products. Perhaps there ought to be more money - and spread out better - in startups & product companies.

As a person who builds apps for customers who don't care about flashiness and only want a working useful app. I'm right there with you.

I've gotten compliments from customers on how good my bog standard bootstrap sites look.

Having websites look and feel similar to other familiar sites is a good thing.

That and the collosal amount of testing bootstrap gets in the real world, it means you run into far fewer niggles and edge cases so you project a sense of precision even if the UI bit is a bit bland.

As a full stack dev that doesn't really have time to deal with CSS, I'm really glad bootstrap exists (and things like wrapbootstrap.com)

A lot of people forget that Bootstrap was created to make internal apps for exactly the use case you and the parent comment pointed out.


This. It really helped me to create a good looking prototype built with flask and duct tape and convince management that it is a tool we could build and use in the future.

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