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Say what you will about Canonical, their whimsical naming scheme has helped expand my vocabulary of both obscure African mammals and little-used adjectives.

17.10 might switch to flowers and "Apologetic Anemone" is a proposed name :-)

Anemone is also a sea animal.

I was hoping for Aachen Aardvark

Abused Albatross? ;[

Afflicted Ass?

those are the best suggestions yet, they should put that to a vote

What is going to happen when they land at Z? The end of Ubuntu as we know it? :P

Interesting question, and closed as "not constructive". Typical.

If someone some day decides to commit a pedantocide, the first thing he'll do will be to compile a list of stack exchange mods.

Silly joke aside, this sort of release scheme is really confusing to me, lts and stable branches with normal version numbers are way more simple. Besides, these uncommon words are easily forgotten.

They use both, though. The word gets used in various places in packaging schemes, the number gets used everywhere it matters.

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