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Notes from my 15.10 -> 16.04 upgrade:

1) If you use the nvidia drivers from the graphics-drivers PPA, starting the default non-root X server will hang with no graphics output. Installing xserver-xorg-legacy fixes this.

2) LXC+Linux 4.4 seems to be very broken: https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/1666#issuecomment-21290311...

3) Pulseaudio now uses shared memory and playing audio inside a firejail will break the pulseaudio server: https://github.com/netblue30/firejail/issues/69#issuecomment...

> LXC+Linux 4.4 seems to be very broken

Seeing as my main use for my current 14.04 install is LXC containers, I think I will hold off a little then.

Thanks for the warning :)

Yeah, we've seen similar issues with runC on point 2. I don't think it's an upstream kernel issue as it didn't happen on openSUSE Tumbleweed when we had 4.4 (we're on 4.5 now). So presumably it's some patch Ubuntu applies.

no new ubuntu release would be complete without graphics issues from Nvidia and AMD. I say AMD too because FGLRX is out of 16.04.

After all the Issues i had with intel/amd/nvidia stiwching gpus in the ivy bridge days i just gave up buying nvidia and AMD, and boy has it made linux easier.

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