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what are they going to do when they run out of letters in the alphabet?

Go back round again with new animal names.

This appears to be the correct answer. Backed up here:


Would Ubuntu 20.04 Fiery Fox be considered copyright infringement?

Unicode is growing fast enough.

I love that answer. Switch to a different language and alphabet!

Shut down the company and stop releasing new versions, obviously.

Yeah, it's really a shame. I thought the open source movement had a lot going for it, but they should have thought this part out better.

It's okay though, I honestly feel we can take most of what we learned and apply it to the Commodore 64, which, while closed source, most "black hat" hackers can patch the kernel of to include execution of the Binaries Formerly Known As Ubuntu.

The process will be different, though: After powering on the system and reaching the READY string signaling the BASIC interpreter, you'll POKE the unicode name-string of the package you want to update to the user space at $C000, then execute an SYS command to set the CPU's program counter to the vector of the package installation.

Greek, Cyrillic, Elvish,...

obviously, invent new letters :)

Invent two thirds of a new alphabet and then get distracted by the idea of creating new numbers and promise to complete the alphabet "real soon now"? ;)

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