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Do we really know biological systems well enough to globalize code that nukes all X chromosomes in sperm? Maybe there are unknown mechanisms for cross-species sequence transfer. That could end up being quite the Darwin award ;)

If there is simultaneously released artificial retrovirus, carried with Plasmodium, that will transfer gene to human blood from now sterile mosquito, than we are doomed. And from what I know about the US and current state of pharma research, that is entirely technically possible and application only depends from a certain political will.

Discl. a good friend of mine developed biological weapons in late 80-ies. In 40 years there has been significant progress in the field.


But then, anyone who'd do that could just include the code in the retrovirus ;)

There's a trope in dystopian SF (and maybe first, in Burroughs' Cities of the Red Night) about specifically targeting particular races.

Reality is always way stranger than fiction.

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