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ELIZA: Program for the Study of Natural Language Communication (1966) [pdf] (stanford.edu)
36 points by stevewilhelm on Apr 20, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

I've known of Eliza forever, it seems, and of Pygmalion nearly as long. But it was only comparatively recently that I learned the one was a reference to the other. I'm honestly surprised I never put that together on my own.

http://www.masswerk.at/elizabot/ JS implementation for those wanting some "live" psychotherapy...

I just tested it out (I'm procrastinating writing a term paper). Eliza helped me pep myself up!

(Although it's probably a side-effect of my optimism. And the caffeine.)

Available in Emacs with `M-x doctor`

Is there a version in Scheme that is Free? I'm looking for a demo for class and we work in Scheme.

Possibly, but if there isn't, it shouldn't be too difficult to translate doctor.el from Emacs Lisp into Scheme. And here it is:


I had this on a monochrome Toshiba laptop from the 80s as a kid. Thought it was so amazing.

i am currently trying to implement a larger version of this in the Linux environment with better question an answering mechanisms.....although ill admit i have never gotten the memory function to work yet...hmm

i have that pdf and the scan of the original ELIZA paper somewhere

Anyone else remember running this from 8" floppies on an Altair?

One should port it to Telegram as a bot and get $25000 from Durov. Easy money.

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