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Thank you all for your responses.

Sorry for not mentioning what areas I had in mind. I was talking about friends in Dallas, Atlanta, New York and Raleigh among others.

We are talking 5-8 years of experience.

I have seen and tried to follow the advice in this thread and it has not worked out.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or I'm just not good enough yet. I get a lot of interview calls, but the salaries offered are nowhere in the ballpark of $150k.

Also, every friend of mine, that I have spoken to, is doing either Java or C#, none that I know mention Python. When they offer me referrals I politely turn them down due to lack of experience in the Java and C# stacks.

I'm not a ninja or a rockstar but I get work done. My current role is one that requires me to learn all sorts of new things and thus my resume is a splattering of all kinds of skills.

I just want to stop worrying about my future and focus on enjoying family, hobbies and hobby projects instead. (But then who doesn't?)

It would also help me greatly if people could mention if the advice being given has worked out for them also.

I don't want to sound mean/ungrateful/rude, I really do appreciate all the help.

I understand your frustration perfectly.

I'm a Java guy, but I can only work remotely (as I'm from Romania/EU), and it seems all the job posts are either Python or Ruby.

Too bad we can't trade jobs.

Hey, it sounds to me like you would benefit a lot from learning more about negotiation. Read everything patio11 writes on the Kalzumeus blog and if you have some cash sitting around, Ramit Sethi's dream job course is a worthwhile investment in your career.

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