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Perhaps I'm an outlier but this was my progression.

Got 90k job out of college in NYC. Worked on a legacy PHP app with some Python, Java, Hadoop occasionally in there.

Negotiated salary to 100k + 10k bonus after one year and good performance reviews.

Next year asked for a bonus increase. 120k total now.

Started getting bored at the job. Asked around, got a 135k offer from another company. Went to my current employer and said if I don't get 150k I'm leaving. They said they could do 140k. I went back to the other company and told them their offer and they gave me 150k.

It has less to do with skillset or language choice than it does with just being able to negotiate and iterate on offers and take the opportunity when you can.

Good comment. I totally agree that after a certain point in career, it comes down to how well you can negotiate. When you start, you don't have a lot of say in terms of salary (well may be you do if you are the cream) but after you have about 5+ years of good experience, you need to learn how to negotiate.

Sometimes when you are in a strong position, you gotta bluff. If they call it, then no worries as you have nothing to lose. If they don't call your bluff, you may just have got a $15K raise :)

Thanks, that is good advice.

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