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Evolution requires the human population to go through epidemics in order to get stronger. Unfortunately what is best for the planet and species is not always the best for individual humans.

Don't fall into the trap of anthropomorphizing evolution. It doesn't "require" anything, it certainly isn't sending epidemics to help us "get stronger", and it really doesn't "care" whether anything lives or dies.

People thought the bubonic plague and cholera were God's will up until the germ theory of disease was discovered, happy to pray and cast spells while wallowing in their own feces in flea-bitten squalor, and that's not much different (or much more rational) than arguing that epidemics should be accepted because they're "evolution's will." Believing that nature has a plan only causes unnecessary suffering. Nature no more has a plan than does the dust in a dust storm.

"Evolution's reaction" to malaria was to give people sickle cell anemia.

Evolution doesn't care for happiness, strength, health or anything like that.

It only optimizes the number of copies of genes in given circumstances.

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