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My must have: pre-commit unit tests. See http://daurnimator.com/post/134519891749/testing-pre-commit-...

I usually rely on travis-ci to do this after I've committed and pushed to a branch (and only merge back when I get a green result, this is shown neatly in the Github UI).

A pre-commit hook probably works fine if your tests run in a few seconds. But in one of my projects, tests run for 10+ minutes and I want to get a test run on debug and release builds with a few different compiler versions. That's about 50 minutes of CPU time (but embarassingly parallelizable, although I typically don't do that). I don't want to have to wait for this to happen before every commit (not all of which even require testing, e.g. README commits).

Yeah I only run the unit tests against my current locally installed packages.

Via travis I then run a full matrix.

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