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this could be used as a YouTube thumbnail generator for clickbait videos. take the image from the sfw video that has the highest nsfw score, crop down to the area with the highest nsfw score, and bam, instant automatically generated clickbait

Google actually already does something along these lines: http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/2015/10/improving-youtube...

Why doesn't youtube show future frames when you scroll over a video's thumbnail? This feature has existed on many porn sites for quite some time yet youtube lacks it for some reason. Or is there a way to change this in settings?

Perhaps they expect one good keyframe to draw your attention, then the title to help you decide whether to watch. I suspect most YouTube watchers are not in it for the aesthetics, but rather for the content, so a title like "Jelly Bean Factory Tour" can be quite sufficient vs. something like "Amazing amateur video." Your interest in jelly bean factories is probably not predicated on whether the presenter is hot, or whether the beans are a certain color.

> Your interest in jelly bean factories is probably not predicated on whether the presenter is hot

TV networks seem to disagree with you... or at least place an immense amount of emphasis on finding hot presenters, for some reason.

Without being involved in the industry I would imagine this is a case of supply and demand.

There are plenty of people willing to be a presenter for the amount they are willing to pay. So they get to be more selective - attractiveness is one of the most obvious things to select further on.

They could pay less. Then they'd have less attractiveness in the presenter, which hypothetically doesn't matter, and more money, which we know matters. They don't seem to want to do that.

No. The skillset for being a presenter is a subset of other skills used in business. They have to remain competitive other wise people won't work for them - there is a price floor.

Maybe somebody has a patent on it (and the porn companies can afford not to care about that)?

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