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I have a (perhaps) more incendiary take on this kind of thing. I have no problem with promo codes for new customers. Zero. None. As a business owner, I know damn well there are some products or services that need a little "taster" offered to a potential customer to get them even modestly interested.

Existing paying customers? Why would you spend money to acquire customers that you've already acquired. You had your reasons for signing up for DO, and apparently, the lack of a $10 credit wasn't one of them. And we all know this is a flimsy firewall to breech anyway - a different e-mail address that - if you're really feeling saucy - you could have delivered to an SMTP daemon on your existing droplet.

Promotions are by definition a form of publicity or advertisement, and if you're already a customer, you're already a customer, know what I mean? Why advertise "hey, check us out" if you've already checked them out and signed on the dotted line.

If you feel really, really, really burned by this, do what other cost-conscious consumers do, and whenever you see a box "promo code" on a signup form, Google "example.com promo code" (substituting the actual domain name, obviously) and see what you can find.

I do not understand, even a little bit, the amount of outrage over the fact that you want a company to spend advertising money (that's what a promotion is budgeted to) to advertise to an existing customer. Not unless you feel that DO isn't worth it already, that is, and in that case, what the hell is $10 going to do to change your mind?

FYI, the above response was related to the below comments about existing DO customers getting screwed out of a $10 promotion, one that wasn't even featured prominently on the Gitlab site. I wanted to show my support for DO and Gitlab here, and thought it best to do so as a new top level comment. I honestly didn't consider that my comment would end up above the others.

i love DO and I have just started using gitlab. they're both great. it even makes sense to offer existing customers a credit in this industry because with redundancy and just private/personal deployments ect people often have accounts at DO, AWS, Azure and Google, maybe even rackspace or an IaaS provider like heroku or engineyard.

I know your comment was in favor of DO, and mine is as well in a dif light. Winning a primary customer or "engagement" is big.

Digital Ocean retired a bunch of credit I had. I emailed support and asked for ot back amd they gave it to me. Sort of a hassle, but you know what? Digital Ocean is going against the biggest providers and provides simplicity and community and I love them for it.

They help new devs learn. They're acquisition strategy was hiring a content creator as a 1st hire to write tutorials and build a community.

Another credit and better integration reminds customers why they stay with them (and gitlabs why they are a great offering).

I like gitlabs and digital ocean. As an intermediate dev, it is a perfect ecosystem. I jave heard there are some security or package issues, but for me, I can get what I need done.

Simple API.

Simple Pricing.

Amazing Support.

Great Community.

So i use them. They're credits keep me saying great things about them because I rarely have money so this goes an extra bit.

Its prob worth $10 to them that I tell every beginner to use DO and regularly tweet thanks to then

Thanks for your post spdustin, I greatly appreciate it.

I'm a little confused... you say "I have no problem with promo codes for new customers. Zero. None." but that's exactly what they are doing... the $10 credit is only for new customers to DO

GP is a general response to the other commenters below who are existing DO customers complaining that they can't take advantage of this promo.

Now that spdustin's post is the top post, that's pretty confusing...

I just got to this thread, but I figured all this out pretty quickly.

At the time, the comments page was filled with venting about existing DO customers getting the $10 shaft.

Maybe when replying to a comment, you should stick to the reply button.


What about replying to multiple ones... or all of them?

> Promotions are by definition a form of publicity or advertisement

There it is. People are pissed off that an ad is being disguised as normal Hacker News post.

Everything announced by a company on their website, every feature list, every display video, every write up by the press, every review, is promotional activity. Anyone that is pissed at this particular instance because it's disguised as "normal" when it's actually dirty "marketing" should have a good hard think about how they believe the incentives behind information sharing work.

No, it isn't. The HN post is about CI being more affordable thanks to DO. And with Gitlab.com, it's free, can't get much affordable than that.

Many posts which land on Hacker News are for self-promotion purposes. That doesn't mean they lack good content.

> Existing paying customers? Why would you spend money to acquire customers that you've already acquired.

I don't know about this, plenty of companies are continuously hassling me to expand my services in exchange for 1-2 month discounts, or offering trials on new services.


im confused too... i think SMTP sends mail.......

SMTP does both the sending and receiving for the server side. Email clients only use SMTP for sending, though, which is probably why you were confused.

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