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I wonder if this is related at all to the Altera acquisition, and how many of those employees will be affected. Intel had to give up a lot of cash, and take on quite a few redundant employees…

Didn't they acquire McAfee too ? How did it ever make sense for an hardware company ?

Since when did Acquiring McAfee ever make sense for anybody?

it makes sense for McAfee shareholders...

What do you need to efficiently run an artificial neural net? A great mass of configurable simple cells. Sound familiar?

So it's possible the current C-suite actually know what they're doing, and Intel's disfunction is concentrated in the middle layers of territorial empire builders. Krzanich, if you're reading, lay off everyone between you and the front-line managers. I know that'll be a lot more than 11%, but still.... Replace them with employees chosen at random; you really can't do worse than what you have now.

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