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Right now, the only content in this article is "Developing...".

Here's Intel's PR version of the story: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/INTC/1917925298x0x886...

I saw that as well, refreshed a few times (thinking it was failing to pull in content via some over-complicated API call) and then saw the article appear.

I gather this was just a stub to help the site's SEO rankings, sort of like how support teams that are measured on "time to first response" will quickly reply to any new ticket with something like "Thanks for getting in touch. We'll look at your ticket and get back to you shortly." It may take them 24 hours to get back to you, but they've stopped the clock. Maybe Google News gives extra juice to sites that are first to break a story.


"Shares of Intel were halted after the bell Tuesday as Intel announced it would cut 12,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce, by 2017 due to restructuring. The technology company also said the chief financial officer would leave that role."

I am actually curious. Did everyone who upvoted the title post not click on the link at all?

clearly, no.

HN's scoring algorithm should ignore or discount upvotes if the user did not click on the article link before voting. For extra credit, HN could also watch for page visibility changes that would indicate that the user, in addition to opening the article, also switched to that the article tab. :)

I sometimes read an article at work or home, and then later read the comments and upvote later at home or work. Don't assume that everyone operates the machine the same way you do, nor with the same goals.

They just announced earnings. Press release for restructuring announcement:


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