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Not a joke: I communicated 60 minutes each way for a year and thought about all the ways you could know which lane would travel faster than the other, and when.

For information to input into that way of thinking, I got in the habit of reading primary sources (Fed PDFs, company announcements, etc.) as much as possible. At the time I had a subscription to a service that aggregated primary sources in the sectors that interested you. That service has pivoted a few times since then and is now useless for gaining a real information advantage.

Edit: yes, commuted is what I meant. :) Leaving for posterity.

(I think he meant "commuted" 60 minutes each way??)

tbh I read it as "commuted" anyways. The human brain is quite the work of art.

Haha! Yes, it's funny how a longer, incorrect word goes unnoticed. Thanks for catching it.

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