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Google OAuth API is down
36 points by jordigg on Apr 19, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments
Thanks to comments:

Down around 13:17 UTC - Back online at 14:20 UTC

Service have been available intermittently and throwing 500 errors.

Status page: https://status.cloud.google.com/

Other press links: http://mashable.com/2016/04/19/google-oauth-down/

What bothers me a lot is their fricking "Cloud Status" page.

None of their Google Cloud services are working for me, but the page says everything is operating normally.

This is not the first time this has happened either. Their status page has been truly useless. There is often degraded service or services going out for an hour or two with nary a blip on their status tracker.

This is not what I'd call "Normal", Google. You can do better with monitoring services, and you know it.

From the status page:


"The issue with Authentication Services should have been resolved for all affected projects as of 07:24 US/Pacific. We will conduct an internal investigation of this issue and make appropriate improvements to our systems to prevent or minimize future recurrence. We will provide a more detailed analysis of this incident once we have completed our internal investigation."

Anyone know if Google has a status page anywhere for this issue?

I only have been able to find this http://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=issue&sid=1&iid=153... which is Gmail, not the API.

I wonder why they don't have an API status page or, if they do, why it is so difficult to find.

https://status.cloud.google.com/ currently says (near the bottom of the page):

"We are investigating an issue with Authentication services. We will provide more information by 07:30 US/Pacific."

If I'm right about the timezones (50/50 chance) '07:30 US/Pacific' was about 3 hours ago.

https://status.cloud.google.com/ It's mentioned below the chart.

Yeap. Google Cloud Project customer here, we have a team of devs unable to login to our infrastructure. I sure hope we don't have a dumpster fire in production :)

The status page at https://status.cloud.google.com/ has now been updated to include "We are investigating an issue with Authentication services. We will provide more information by 07:30 US/Pacific."

We started noticing errors at 13:17 UTC, and we continue to see errors as of 13:49 UTC.

It looks like the failures have stopped. Haven't seen a failure since 14:17 UTC (~15 minutes).

It's down again. Bad time for Google... and us.

Same on the west coast, D'oh!

yep, our application is also experiencing issues; still down here (EU-NL) as of 15:53 CET

same here...

it's back now

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